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Welcome to Label Contacts. We are a small website community for artists who want access to the decision makers at record labels. Whether you want to get a demo to an A&R or talent scout or you are looking for a publisher for you music we have the addresses, phone numbers and emails to these folks. Our system is community driven so other users will be able to flag bad contacts for removal insuring that the list is kept as clean as possible. Some members even submit contacts to the system to share with the rest of the community. In addition to the contacts you have access to music business contract templates you can download and use in your new music career. Bookmark and Share


"Amazing, this site gave me that edge. Now I am determined to get a deal." - Lotus

Get connected with hundreds of music industry contacts!

  • record label A&R
  • music managers
  • agents
  • producers
  • publishers!
  • + 200 music contract templates
$19.99 PER MONTH * List last updated 12/2011 *All sales are final